Lesson Plans

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Pythagorean Proof

Work with a tangible model to further explore a proof of the Pythagorean theorem and the area of a square formed by right triangle sides

Quadrant Method

You will explore statistical sampling methods, specifically the quadrant method, and how well it produces samples similar to the population.

Punnett Square

In this lesson, students will explore mathematical models used to describe genetic inheritance patterns resulting from monohybrid crosses.

Moths Kit

In this lesson, students will explore sampling techniques and will collect data to examine adaptive characteristics of the moths.

Measurements Kit

In this lesson, students will measure identical objects with three rulers that each have different levels of precision.

Coriolis Effect

In this activity, students will explore an underlying principal associated with the Coriolis Effect

Cell Transformation

Recognise and explore the impact of biotechnology (cloning, genetic engineering) on the individual, society and the environment.

Ballista kit

In this lesson, students will explore classroom-generated bivariate data and scatter plots for analyzing ballista projectile flight results.

Catapult kit

Build a catapult out of pencils and apply the law of conservation of energy to determine the total mechanical energy of the projectile

Loaded Dice

In this lesson, students will explore theoretical probability and sampling methods to make inferences and conclusions about basic claims.