Find out how Dremel Digilab 3D printers will improve your classroom

Building models of the human skeleton or the double helix bring science lesson to life.

3D technology equips pupils with the skills essential for the workplace of the future.

From combustion engines to drones, students can design and engineer using hands-on trial and error learning.

Bring art to life and create musical instruments from scratch, or integrate maths and engineering and create unique designs.

3D printers make maths lessons more interactive and have been proven to have a positive impact on pupil engagement and learning.

Engage our students

Dremel partners with lesson plan provider to help increase engagement in the classroom.

Song: "Air Hockey Saloon" by Chris Zabriskie. Used under the rights of an Attribution license.

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Teach Your Student Skills They Need For The Future

  • Collaboration – Working in groups to conceptualise, design and prepare models in 3D strengthens collaboration skills.
  • Communication – 3D printing allows students to develop communication skills by working in teams to overcome milestones in the development of their 3D project.
  • Critical Thinking – Empower students to develop their problem solving skills by taking them through the refinement process of prototyping a 3D design in a hands-on learning approach.
  • Creativity – Allow students to be creative and develop their ideas then bring them to life using the Dremel 3D printer.

Make A Difference With Dremel

Worried about the cost?

We understand that schools and teachers must use their budgets carefully. That is why Dremel DigiLab offers a mature product suite that combines safety, ease of use, versatility and reliability at a price that is cost effective for schools.

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Inspire Young Minds

3D printers have a positive influence on engagement across a wide range of subjects. Dremel DigiLab has materials to help guide and support teachers to get started with 3D printers so you can inspire students as well as practical advice to help teachers make the most of practical adoption.

Build a Reliable and Safe Maker Space

Dremel have over 80 years experience as a manufacturer for technology. One of the few manufacturers to offer both schools a full UL safety certification and one year warranty. The Dremel 3D40 and 3D45 models print in a fully enclosed ensuring safety and reducing noise and eliminating printing fumes.

But do not just take our word for it …

Giving 3D Printing a Real Purpose

Click here to read the fantastic story of how Joy Schwartz a teacher with no experience in 3D printing tasked her class to build a prosthetic hand for local seven-year old girl that had a great impact on her life quality.

A Technology Haven

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Break through the traditional classroom

Click here to read how Navas transformed his classroom to bring different ideas and perspectives using 3D printing.

Cost-friendly 3D printing

Click here to read about Matt Schultz, a technology teacher, who was delighted to find a cost effective 3D printing solution for schools.

Why Dremel DigiLab For Your Classroom?

Technology That Works

As students are building high expectations of working with 3D printing we ensure by our reliable technology that students will have a project result to be proud of.

Easy to Use

Intuitive products and interfaces allow anyone, from beginner to expert, to begin designing and prototyping in no time

Well Supported

Our local customer support team is always by your side

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